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Our Practice

At Harrogate Physiotherapy Practice our priority is to help you get back to the things you love doing!

Our ethos is to go the extra mile to make our patients feel welcome, supported and looked after. In addition to experienced, hands-on-treatment, we give our patients the practical advice to help manage their problem in the short term and prevent it from re-occurring! In fact, we want to help you get back to the things that you love to do, fitter and stronger than ever before!

We are passionate about treating all types of soft tissue, joint and sports related injuries with a strong emphasis on advanced manual therapy and rehabilitation skills.

Over the years we have built an excellent reputation for treating more complex musculoskeletal cases such as individuals presenting with multi-factorial, longstanding issues or mixed symptom presentations.

If there is an ache or a pain that is stopping you enjoying life to the full, call us or visit us at our friendly clinic, which includes other complementary therapies such as sports massage therapy.

Amazing! I Really understand my current situation and what to do to sort it out!”

I've felt up lifted after every session within my body and mind."

Your Physiotherapist

At Harrogate Physiotherapy Practice our friendly, personable and highly experienced physiotherapist are passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential whether that is working in the garden, taking the dogs for a walk or completing a marathon.

We offer the following assessments and treatments:

It is very clear that your unique service and expertise cannot just be replaced by any old physiotherapist."

The sharp pains subsided a few days after our consultation, and the disappearance of the long term dull pain is a great bonus too!"