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I wouldn't use any other physiotherapist but Annelize, not only is she incredible at what she does but she's given me a wonderful outlook on looking after my body. I've felt up lifted after every session within my body and mind. Would highly recommend her to anyone in need of physiotherapy!"

Kerri, Harrogate
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I have been receiving treatment on my shoulder and neck from Harrogate Physiotherapy Practice for the last few weeks. They have identified the issues I had quickly and professionally to the point where I am now pain free. Along with this they are a helpful and friendly set up. They go that little bit further to help you achieve your aims. I would have no hesitation in recommending Annelize and her team at Harrogate Physiotherapy Practice.

Simon, Harrogate
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Thank you so much Annelize and John for your excellent treatment! I am so happy to be back to normal. I'm walking without problem and I Love it! You are both amazing. Thank you."

C. Dallas, Norwich
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The hamstring injury was treated effectively and a strengthening and sport- specific mobility program was recommended, which I followed. Annelize regularly reviewed my progress advising my coaches on further injury prevention and when to step up my athletics rehabilitation.

By mid April I was fit to compete again, when the initial fear was that the injury could end my season. I have subsequently been able to compete at long jump and 400 hurdles representing England twice and becoming National Under 17 Jump champion and winning a Silver medal in the 400 hurdles at the same championship.

I cannot thank Annelize enough for her time and patience and would highly recommend her for all sporting injuries.

J. Fincham-Dukes, Harrogate
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I just wanted to say that I've seen a lot of physiotherapists during my athletic career, including many at the premiership rugby club I was at for six years and also at University and in the Royal Marines and I would most definitely rather see Annelize over any of them without hesitation. It was fantastic to see how enthusiastic she was about solving the problem and so refreshing to see how deep she goes in terms of trying to workout the cause rather than focusing on the symptoms. I could listen to her speak for hours and she has really opened my eyes to the 'other side of the coin', which is where I think I'm going to find the healing that both my body and mind need. It feels like I'm starting from scratch again but I know it's a journey and one that I definitely feel excited to be starting.

B. Reid, Harrogate
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While there may be other physiotherapists in Harrogate, I don't think any of them share Annelize's particular specialization in lower-extremity injuries. Her insight into mechanisms of injury, and her range of skills in addressing them, is unprecedented in my experience.

I first saw Annelize seven months after a knee injury that had stopped me from running and was showing no sign of improvement. My physician had referred me for X-rays and MRI, and the best advice she could offer was a recommendation of arthroscopic surgery. Instead, I decided to pay for a visit to Annelize.

On her first consultation, she identified the bad habits that had led to the injury, started me on a regimen of exercises to retrain my musculature, and gave me my first taste of her energetic, motivational style of coaching. The end result: after six weeks, I had returned to a normal running routine, and I now have a range of motion in my right knee that I haven't enjoyed in years - all without the expense of surgery and its loss of time at work.

Mr Kurt Love, Harrogate
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I was referred to Annelize at the Harrogate Physiotherapy Practice following chronic sacro-illiac problems which had affected me for about 2 years. Annelize is very thorough, investigating all possible causes as well as treating the presenting problems. The home care exercises were well explained and easy to follow and I could notice a difference within a week, following a few more sessions with Annelize my symptoms have now cleared and I am maintaining her treatment with the corrective posture exercises she gave me which I am now very aware is the initial cause of the problem. I would highly recommend Annelize for a thorough, effective treatment.

Sarah Gill, Harrogate
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I first went to Annelize for treatment last year with what I thought was a very simple hamstring problem, but she was very swift in diagnosing the real problem and treating it accordingly. Her professionalism and knowledge was very impressive, but what I was really pleased with is the way she helped me understand the problem and the treatment. She has a wonderful, genuine caring attitude and I felt she always had my best interests at heart. She always paid attention to detail and made sure that any issues were never overlooked...very thorough!

I am a fitness instructor so I need my body to work and Annelize got my body back into working condition but also sent me away with a maintenance plan to keep my body in good condition. I would and do recommend my clients and anyone else for that matter to see Annelize with any injuries. She is the best around!"

Lisa Hall, Owner of Lisahallfitness
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I have been treated by Annelize for several different issues over the past year. Being a massage therapist, I suffer regularly from neck, back and shoulder pain due to my working posture. I also enjoy running and cycling, but have suffered from episodes of knee pain for over 15 years. Annelize conducted a very thorough assessment on my first visit and outlined what treatment was needed to rectify my pain, due to a combination of biomechanical problems and soft tissue restrictions.

She is the first physiotherapist I've seen who suggested my pain was a symptom of a dysfunctional sacro- iliac joint. And through her treatment I'm pleased to report being able to run again, with only the odd knee twinge now. Recently she diagnosed an inflamed disc in my neck which left me in a significant amount of pain and with severely restricted neck movement, which meant I was unable to work. I followed Annelize' s advice and my symptoms were significantly reduced within a few days.

Quite simply, Annelize has a superb understanding of the body and in my opinion, is a brilliant physiotherapist. I regularly refer my own clients to her, and ask for advice. I have no hesitation in recommending Annelize and I know I will continue to benefit from using her services as I step up my own training regime."

Madeleine Harvey
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Annelize was recommended to me as I had a recurring hamstring injury. I had previously received treatment which relieved the symptoms but Annelize was keen to establish the root cause of the injury and went into huge depth analysing not only the specific complaint but a range of associated issues.

Annelize helped me understand the issues, explained the processes and exercises necessary to solve them and put together a recovery plan which allowed me to continue with some training whilst the injury recovered. The home exercises were easy to follow, needed no specialist equipment and were accurately described to ensure I was performing each one correctly.

As a former football and rugby player I have had experience of a number of physiotherapists and would highly recommend Annelize as somebody extremely professional, clearly an expert in her field and who has a very obvious passion for her work."

Peter Wrigley
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I was very impressed with the way the problem was assessed and how personalised the exercise programme was. Emma spent time explaining to me the underlying cause of the problem so I fully understood what needs to be corrected and how to manage similar issues in the future. It's empowering.

Tim, Leeds
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I am very grateful to Emma as she has got me back to playing squash after an extremely painful shoulder injury. She quickly identified the problem, started treatment and got me back on the road to recovery. Her knowledge and treatment skills were much appreciated as I am now back playing squash better than ever. Thank you.

John, Launceston