Yoga Sequencing Solution Course

Annelize together with Hayley Winter, the Founder of Yoga Sport Science, have created a first of its kind, online course to help Yoga Teachers sequence their classes with more confidence and ease.

This course helps Yoga Teachers with the challenges of sequencing, an area of Yoga training that is missing during basic training. This course is a game-changer for yoga teachers, offering step-by-step, evidence-based playbooks for creating science-based sequences.

With 20 years of development and 7 years of research behind it, this course is pioneering a breakthrough in the yoga world. It offers the very first evidence-based solution to the sequencing challenges that modern yoga teachers encounter.

If you want to learn to problem-solve your sequencing challenges and create safe, science-based classes, this course is for you.

Formula for safe, fluid and efficient movement


You can also join our Facebook group where we do weekly live sessions and answer your specific sequencing questions.

Course feedback:

I've gained a simple, clear and scientific methodology to prepare yoga class sequences through this YSS course. I also feel confident and more passion to teach safe and successful yoga classes for my students. thank you to great teachers - Hayley and Annelize"

"Thank you Hayley and Annelize for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience with passion. For creating a wonderful resource that is both fun and effective. This course has deeply enriched my teaching."

Thank you so much. My teaching has improved greatly and I feel that I have tools to carry me forward for the future."